Monday, December 17, 2012

Road upgrades in and around NatureWalk

For all of you Naturewalk fans who are interested in road improvements, we noticed on our trip to Naturewalk this past Friday, there's a huge road upgrade taking place just north of Naturewalk along the 20 mile stretch on the northern access road from the Tarcoles River.

Earlier this year,  a number of drainage improvements were installed and now whole stretch of highway is being widened and resurfaced. This is in addition to improvements that are going on right now from the southern access to Naturewalk which include cement culverts and more drainage improvements that are being installed along the Naturewalk stretch in what we refer to as the Naturewalk Parkway.

As we reported earlier, there are discussions on a section of paving that will occur on on the Naturewalk Highway including a  new all cement road in the Naturewalk section of Pavona. This was further confirmed in a discussion with a Pavona representative on Friday at Naturewalk.

More updates on this major improvement as they occur.

Tim Alexander
Naturewalk, Costa Rica

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