Monday, December 17, 2012

Planting Orange Trees In NatureWalk, Turrubares, Costa Rica

December 14, 2012

PRESS RELEASE:  For immediate release

Naturewalk is excited to announce the first plantings of Valencia type orange trees at Naturewalk. The event happened this past Friday on lots that were already planned with coffee in the agricultural subdivision Estancia Montana at Naturewalk.

The plantings are part of the ongoing initiative by Naturewalk to develop unique and profitable brands of agricultural enterprise while enhancing real estate values for our land owners and creating a beautiful lifestyle environment.

The Valencia orange is a sweet and flavourful brand which not only is superior to eat but produces great juice. 

Says Tim Alexander of Naturewalk " the orange trees intercropped with coffee impart a unique fresh natural flavour to the coffee in addition to providing a shade which is good for coffee". Other benefits are the economic value of the oranges which can be sold locally or exported". 

 Adding to the success of Naturewalk, for people wishing to live in an agricultural and equestrian estate environment, rows of coffee and orange trees with views to the Pacific Ocean is powerful lifestyle imagery which people are beginning to discover. 

NATUREWALK is creating a unique and favourable coffee to private label for sale in its planned agricultural tourist center in Costa Rica. 
More information can be obtained by calling toll free  800- 842-1350 or by emailing to

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