Friday, October 7, 2016

The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica Expat Living

My colleague David Scott Bowers has just published his new book -

It is an excellent guide and introduction to living in Costa Rica. You can read more about it and purchase the book on Amazon below:


If you're thinking about making an escape from the rat-race, whether for political or mental and physical health reasons, or all of the above, The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica Expat Living was written just for you!
In it you'll find guidance on topics like...
  • the 4 C's of Costa Rica Expat Living: Climate, Culture, Convenience and Context;
  • the Nuts and Bolts of finding and buying your dream home in Costa Rica;
  • the Nuts and Bolts of how to actually integrate and immerse in the Costa Rica culture;
  • Odds and Ends on living the Costa Rica Expat life;
  • humorous anecdotes from the author, who shows you what not to do!
The author, David Scott Bowers, is a 16-year veteran Costa Rica expat, vacation designer, expat tour guide and Costa Rica real estate agent. He has been there and done it and he wrote this book to show how you can do the same and really enjoy it.

The The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica Expat Living is your guidebook to the Pura Vida life!

Book introduction...

I've been blogging about Costa Rica for many years now. I did write one little eBook some time ago, called 100 Cool Things to Do in Costa Rica. I give it away to signups on my vacation site.

Not too long ago a little light bulb appeared above my head in the form of an idea. And that idea was to write this book. The purpose was and is to give practical information about making the transition to life in this foreign country. It's also to give readers some personal reflections about how living as a Costa Rica expat for almost 16 years has really impacted my life.

The decision to pull up roots and head for a new life in some foreign and exotic land is not an easy one. It is one that can be risky, to say the least. Unless you do some homework beforehand, you could be in for some unwelcome surprises. Surprises that might send you packing for home with your tail tucked. I don't want to see that happen to you.

Life as a Costa Rica expat can be a real joy. Oh sure, there will be annoyances and inconveniences. You have to learn to just laugh through them and roll with the punches. I hate to sound so cliche, but you really have to learn to go with a different sort of flow down here. One that flows quite a bit slower than what you're probably used to. And with dips and turns you probably weren't expecting.
The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica Expat Living is written as a "heads up" for you. I hope you enjoy it. But, more importantly, I hope it serves you in finding true joy as a Costa Rica expat.

David Scott Bowers


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Costa Rica Online Newspapers

How do you keep up to date with what's happening in Costa Rica? There are a range of online news papers in both English and Spanish to keep you up to date with all things Costa Rica:

  • Al Dia (San José)
  • A.M. Costa Rica (San José) [In English]
  • The Beach Times [In English]
  • Caribbean News Now [In English]
  • Central America Panorama (San José / Escazú)
  • The Costa Rica News (San Jose) [In English]
  • Costa Rica Pages [In English]
  • Costa Rican Times [In English]
  • The Costa Rica Star (San José) [In English]
  • Costa Rica Today
  • CR Hoy
  • Cyberprensa
  • Diario Extra (San José)
  • Diario La República (San José)
  • El Financiero (San José)
  • El Heraldo [In Spanish]
  • El Siglo (Todo El Territorio) [In Spanish]
  • Escazu news (Western San José) [In English & Spanish]
  • Explore Costa [In English]
  • Fijatevos [In English]
  • Guanacaste News (Guanacaste) [In English]
  • Informa-Tico
  • Inside Costa Rica [In English]
  • La Provincia (Guanacaste) [In Spanish]
  • La Republica
  • Nacion
  • NC4 Sucesos
  • Prensa Libre
  • Q Costa Rica [In English]
  • Semanario Universidad (San José)
  • The Tico Times
  • Today Panama (San Jose) [In English]
  • Voice of Nosara Costa Rica (Nosara, Guanacaste) [In English]

  • Full list of Costa Rica Newspapers provided by