Friday, September 9, 2016

Epic Energy Achievements in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has managed to run on renewable energy for 113 days straight, putting it on course to break its own record from 2015, when it relied on nothing but renewables for 285 days of the year. In total, Costa Rica provided 99% of its energy needs last year with renewables alone.

The country's geography helps a lot. The majority of this power comes from hydroelectric plants, which are possible thanks to lots of rain and lots of mountains. But Costa Rica is also diversifying, with ventures in geothermal energy, and also solar—after all, a country doesn't want to rely on a single source for all its power, especially in these times of unpredictable climate change.

In five years, Costa Rica plans to be carbon neutral. With electricity, this is completely achievable, it seems. But it still runs its cars on gasoline, so switching to electric cars will be far harder. The governments plans on work on offsetting those carbon emissions in other ways.

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Epic Properties and Opportunities in Costa Rica
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