Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Box Design

The box for the Juicy Pineapples by Naturewalk Farms design has been updated, with brighter more vibrant colors. Watch out for the box in a store near you:

Friday, May 15, 2015

You only live once - release those tied up funds!

Clients often tell us they want to purchase in Costa Rica but their funds are tied up in pensions, 401k's, IRA's, RRSP's, businesses, real estate....etc. etc. Did you know that there are a range of tax compliant options that allow clients to release funds from these structures?

You could release the funds to allow the purchase of your dream home in Costa Rica now. Click on the link below to find out more

Pineapple and Papaya in Naturewalk 3

Inter-cropping of crops gives diversity and a range of different income streams for clients in Naturewalk.

Below you can see some pictures of pineapple and papaya intercropped in Naturewalk 3.

Naturewalk is a master-planned development where owners can have a home and additionally benefit from income from fully managed crops growing on their land.

To find out more about Naturewalk, drop us an e mail to info@costaricainvest.ie or give us a call on 
USA +1-202-697-9284 or Europe +353-1-272-4184