Thursday, June 19, 2014

Manufacture and installation of roof trusses

Roof trusses manufactured at the Naturewalk mill and then installed at the Naturewalk, Farm Center, Packing Plant

Horse riding in Naturewalk

Some pictures of a horse back tour to one of the waterfalls in Naturewalk. This tour is available through the Naturewalk Adventure Center

Waterfall in Naturewalk

Some pictures of one of the highest waterfalls in Naturewalk

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Harvesting Tiquisque in Permalife Farms

Some pictures of the current crop of tiquisque being harvested in Permalife Farms, Naturewalk 3.

A long dry season and a delayed start to the rainy season has delayed this harvest, but the harvest is now in full swing.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Road widening in Permalife Farms, Naturewalk 3

Heavy engineering works continue in Naturewalk 3 with road widening works in progress.

Milling teak in Naturewalk

The Naturewalk Furniture Center in the Pavonas Craft Village in Naturewalk, Costa Rica mills teak for use in local furniture manufacture. This teak was grown in Naturewalk and is milled on site for use in furniture manufacture in the Pavonas Craft Village.

The Furniture Center provides sustainable long term employment for local artisan craftsmen.

The Furniture Center and Teak Mill are just one of the many sustainable developments within the Naturewalk Masterplan

Naturewalk Vegetable Packing plant

Work continues at the Naturewalk vegetable packaging and cleaning plant. The buildings roof has been raised, the building extended and new flooring installed.

ATV tours in Naturewalk

One of the activities available through the Naturewalk Adventure Centre are ATV tours in and around Naturewalk.

Chinese Vegetable Program

More progress pictures from the Chinese Vegetable Growing Program in Permalife Farms, Naturewalk.

The first vegetables from this program will be shipped over the coming weeks

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vanila Farming in Naturewalk

Vanilla Certifications for farming vanilla in Naturewalk

Vanilla Tahetensis Germinating in Naturewalk

The pictures below show Edgar (the Naturewalk vanilla consultant) inspecting the germination of Vanilla Tahitensis cuttings in Naturewalk. Vanilla Tahitensis is thought to have its origin in Tahiti. A narrow leaf vanills it has an intense fruity flavor and it flowers twice a year with each plant giving two crops.

The other species of vanilla grown in Naturewalk is Vanilla Planafolia, a broad leafed varietal which is more common in Costa Rica.