Monday, July 28, 2008

What do the financial magazines say about tropical hardwood investments?

"Timber investors are barking up the right tree" in the July 7, 2006 issue of Moneyweek says:

"The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation predicts world consumption of industrial wood will rise 60% over the next 25 years"

"trees have never heard of the Nasdaq bubble… and they don’t know what a War on Terror is"

"over the past century the price of wood has averaged an annual increase of 6%"

The Economist
"Timber as a growing asset class" in the February 5, 2007 edition of the Economist says:

"Average annual returns on timber . . . have outstripped those from leading global stock indices, property, oil and gold for the past decade."

". . . modern investors are putting money into trees to reap benefits in the nearer term."

"A growing number of individuals, endowments and pension funds are including timber as a 'hard asset' in their portfolios."

"As 'green' awareness rises around the world, timber looks more attractive than ever."

Smart Money Magazine
"Timber!" in the November 2001 issue of Smart Money Magazine notes:

"The track record of early investors - and a slew of recent academic research - indicate that timber is a near perfect asset."

"As trees get larger, their value increases."

" . . . research indicates that real prices for timber have steadily risen for more than 100 years - better performance than any other commodity . . ."

Bloomberg Wealth Manager
"The Growth in Trees, Timber's New Place in the Diversified Portfolio" in the December 2001 / January 2002 issue of the Bloomberg Wealth Manager says:

"Individual investors have begun exploring timber more aggressively as a source of almost assured growth in tumultuous times."

"How can investors be so certain of returns? 'One key factor that drives the investment is biological: trees grow.'"

". . . compared with oil and gold, for example, whose value can be affected by new finds, 'we know where all the world's forests are.'"

"Indeed, as an asset class, timber - a renewable resource with constant product demand - stands out as a remarkably stable investment."

"Clients inclined toward socially responsible investing will find even more to like in timber . . . Forests take greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere as they grow and replenish the earth's supply of oxygen."

"Timber's qualifications as a solid investment are too impressive to dismiss."

And so the question arises if "timber is the near perfect asset" what is tropical hardwood on development land in the "hottest real estate market on the face of the planet" (CNBC Europe)?

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