Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can land investment be sexy?

Costa Rica is sexy and sustainable, its official! Not only home to one of the world sexiest beaches (Playa Tamarindo) according to Conde Nast's, Costa Rica recently ranked fifth behind Norway, Sweden and Switzerland in a ranking of environmental excellence. Being one of the top ten nations in The 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) conducted by US universities Yale and Columbia which surveys 149 countries around the world is a great achievement for Costa Rica. Eco-friendly investment is a growing trend and a reason why projects such as the Pacifico do Dos estate, should prove to be a shrewd overseas property move in the years to come.

The pristine paradise of Costa Rica has it all, white beaches, an endless parade of wildlife, fine diving, good food and with low property prices, it has been attracting US baby boomers in search of la pura vida, a relaxed, comfortable, and affordable lifestyle in a beautiful and welcoming country. The migration of US retirees has sparked a boom in second home resort properties and

Irish-based Costa Rica Invest has recently launched the Di Pacifico Dos estate, on the back of the sold out Finca Cobano, whose 34 building lots have been snapped by a range of UK and international investors. Situated in Costa Rica's Mid Pacific region, the estate di Pacifico Dos is located to the north of the Puntarenas province and sits just above Puntarenas city roughly translated as ‘Sandy Point' which overlooks the Gulf of Nicoya. The 'estate di Pacifico Dos concept will offer investors the best of both worlds - a dual functioning real estate investment in an idyllic location, in the country which practically invented ecotourism.Surrounded by islands, a stone throw from the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean and close to unspoilt nature reserves, Di Pacifico Dos is located only 94 km from Costa Rica's new international airport hub, Liberia and 1 hours drive from the capital San José.Finca di Pacifico Dos offers investors the opportunity to purchase building plots in the estate di Pacifico Dos and benefit not only from the increases in land but also the hardwood teak.

Finca di Pacifico Dos is only a few kilometres away from the Pacific Ocean and the building plots vary in size from approximately 1,000 to 10,000 square meters and are planted with 11, 14 or 18 year old Teak, Melina or Pochote trees with either sea views, river views or bordering the Pan American highway.Plot prices start from € 6,45 M2 and the 10,000 square meters plots are ideally suited for re-division into smaller building plots, after the final felling of the trees (in approximately 6 years).

The price of your building plot includes central water source and transfer tax, topographical work, registering in the Land Registry, placement of border markers, supply of electricity to the main entrance, renovation of existing roads and construction of new roads where needed.An investment in estate di Pacifico Dos, gives you ownership of a beautifully located plot of land with good growth potential because the prices of real estate in Costa Rica are considerably lower.

As foreigners are allowed to own land directly, rather than through the bank-trust leases required in some Mexican property deals, you rest assured that no-one is going to expropriate your property, land will be transferred to you by notary deed.For the past decade or so, Costa Rica has been on the "must do" list for travellers who want to experience a guilt-free (but still occasionally luxurious) vacation. It has become home to a growing number of eco-resorts and is widely touted as an ideal early sun destination as the perfect spring getaway.

Costa Rica's enjoys added appeal as a hurricane-free country due its situation north of the equator ensuring your investment remains low risk.Costa Rica has the advantages of an active tourism board and this year surpassed three times the world average in tourism growth, according to a June index released by the World Tourism Organization (WTO). Costa Rica has a reputation as peaceful and environmentally friendly nation and also has the longest tradition of democracy in Latin America. In the last few years, it has been transformed by a collection of hotels and real estate developments aimed at America's affluent baby boomers and now American buyers as well as their European counterparts are being drawn to the cheap prices for oceanfront real estate on previously undeveloped land.

According to La Nacion, the estate di Pacifico Dos is located in one of 3 regions where the real estate prices are showing the greatest increases. In 2007 the value of property in this area increased by 40%!

For more details on estate di Pacifico Dos click here to request a brochure or call +353 1 272 4184 to speak to a project advisor.

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