Friday, July 11, 2008

Finca Cobano / Finca Pacifico 1


Regarding the s.a. registration of the 2 Fincas, we recently received a notification from our law office we still have to wait for the signature of the local notary public. We expect to have these documents sent to the Netherlands this month. As soon as we have them in our possession, we will send you the details.

In order to begin the construction of roads, it was necessary to build a bridge over the river. The municipal council informed us that the municipality would build this bridge. After waiting a long period we were notified that due to a lack of funds, this bridge would be built only in December 2008. Therefore, we have decided to build the bridge ourselves and bear the costs. It will be made of culverts with a 1.2-metre cross-section. In the meantime, Masterplan s.a. (under Swiss management) has already begun with the construction. It is now summer and the river has dried up to a small stream. See photos.

A detour road was laid especially for the construction of the bridge.
Swiss Quality: Pipes that will be dug in at the front and back of the bridge, under the road surface for draining rainwater.

Cement bags are standing ready for constructing the dam wall.
As soon as these work activities are completed, the work will continue with road construction on Finca Cobano and di Pacifico 1.

Once the road construction scheme is completed, the price of the parcels on Finca di Pacifico 1 (24 parcels with a sea view on 80 hectares of nature area) will increase by around 40,000 UDS.
The land prices around Cobano are currently increasing very quickly.A great influence on the increasing prices is a large commercial project whcih is planned on the asphalt road, right next to the side road to the Finca.

The Masterplan s.a. engineer on location
Equipment is standing ready for work. Now, in the dry period, the river is a murmuring stream while in the rain season the water level can rise by 1.40 metres in a short time.

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