Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Papaya in Naturewalk

There are lots of different crops growing in Naturewalk.

Many of these crops are intercropped with one crop assisting the others growth e.g. teak and vanilla, papaya and ginger, teak and tiquisque.

Here you can see some pictures of papaya being intercropped with teak in Permalife Farms, Naturewalk 3:

Different crops produce different returns and different rates of return. In Naturewalk owners have a unique opportunity to have a home in paradise, with the added advantage of an income from fully managed crops growing on their land. 

To find out more about Naturewalk and to see if it might be a fit for you, just drop us an e mail at info@costaricainvest.ie or give us a call onUSA +1-866-990-1123 (toll free) or Europe +353-1-272-4184

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