Friday, September 19, 2014

Bars on Windows

One of things which clients frequently notice when they first arrive in Costa Rica are the bars on the windows of homes and shops.

The assumption is often that crime rates must be very high.

This is not the case. Serious crime is rare and crime rates are much lower than in the USA by comparison. But crime does happen. Burglary, theft and other opportunistic crimes are the main crimes in Costa Rica.

So why the bars?

Well there are a number of reasons:

Architectural: bars on windows are an architectural feature of many older homes in Costa Rica and are a traditional home feature. Spanish colonial architectural home designs have included bars for centuries. The bars are made to order and many designs are very ornate and beautiful.

Economical crime deterrent: monitored alarms are relatively expensive and response times are slow in Costa Rica. and the window bars are a widely available economical alternative.

So don't be put off by bars on windows in Costa Rica.

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