Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's stopping you owning your dream property in Costa Rica

During our first conversations, many of our clients feel that they are not in a position to move ahead with a property investment in Costa Rica for a number of years.

They talk about a range of problems which they feel make it impossible to purchase sooner rather than later.

Just some of the problems we hear are:

- they own a property, in which they have equity, that they cannot sell because the prices have dropped

- they own a property, in which they have equity, that they do not want to sell until the prices have recovered

- they have cash locked into IRA, 401k, RRSP or other plans

- they are going through a divorce

- their funds are locked into other real assets (cars, heavy machinery, boats)

- they have limited cash available, but lots of assets

With some "out of the box" thinking, you'ld be amazed at the solutions we have come up with for clients, allowing them to have their Costa Rican dream property sooner than they thought possible.

If you have a desire to have your "piece of paradise" and have equity (even if it is apparently locked up in assets), we may just be able to come up with solutions for you.

We have a range of expert associates worldwide who can assist you.

Just contact us on or +1-866-990-1123 (toll free) or Europe +353-1-272-4184 or your consultant directly and we'll talk through your particular situation, and make it happen for you.


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