Saturday, September 8, 2012

Earthquake update

Many within our NatureWalk family have inquired over the past 72 hrs about our safety in the recent earthquake. 

Thank you all for your concern. 

This was a large earthquake but we are pleased to let everyone know that we are fine and no damage occurred at NatureWalk or in the NatureWalk offices.   

Overall the Country of Costa Rica faired extremely well  and given that it was a 7.6 Richter scale earthquake there was no real damage.

Overall, there was unfortunately 1 fatality when the man had a heart attack from shock.

The epicenter of the quake lost power for only 4 hours and there were no power outages elsewhere with infrastructure intact.  

Within 20 minutes we were all back to business as usual with the exception of jammed cellphone service! 

It is an excellent reflection on Costa Rica's strict seismic building codes that this large quake did so little damage.

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