Thursday, June 14, 2012

Own a business and have your dream life in Costa Rica

Many clients of NatureWalk plan to start businesses in their new homes in NatureWalk.

This is an important part of building the NatureWalk commuities and here are just just some of the joint venture / partnership opportunities that are available in NatureWalk:

- Holistic therapy center

- Beekeeping

- Eco Lodge Bed & Breakfast

- Birdwatching Tour Guides

- Botany Tour Guides

- Equine Center partner

- Fresh water fishing guides

- Salt water fishing guides

- Botanical Gardens management partner

- Petting zoo partner

- There will be a number of piloting  / teaching / management opportunities available at the NatureWalk gyrocopter, ultralight and microlight airport.

 Not sure what a gyrocopter is? You can see a short video here:

Costa Rica is a small country but it has over 150 airports and airstrips and gyrocopters / microlights and ultralights are the perfect transport to get around

Many of our other clients plan to run existing phone / internet based businesses from their homes in NatureWalk and the infrastructure will be in place to ensure that they can do this efficiently.

If any of these are of interest to you, don’t miss your opportunity to have your dream life in Costa Rica, contact us at Europe +353 1 272 3013 or USA +1-866-990-1123 or e mail us at and we can discuss the opportunity that is of most interest to you in more detail.

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