Monday, June 25, 2012

Ernst and Young ranks Costa Rica in the top 20 countires in the world for outsourcing and offhsoring

Ernst and Young in a recent publication 20 issues on outsourcing and offshoring has ranked Costa Rica as the 19th best country in the world for outsourcing business to and setting up an offshore business in.

Quite an achievement for such a small country and particulararly a country which many might regard as a third world Central American country.

Further Ernst and Young rank Costa Rica as first amongst the top 20 countries for People Skills and Availability. This is a reflection of the expenditure that the Government on education with in excess of 25% of the national budget spent on education every year.

Costa Rica ranks 8th amongst the top 20 countries for Financial Activity.

Another feather in the cap for Costa Rica.

You can download the full Ernst and Young publication here

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