Monday, July 18, 2011

New Plantings at NatureWalk

Tim Alexander, Presdent of Naturewalk, announces new test planting at Naturewalk
July 7th, 2011

Joshua Fuks, Naturewalk's general manager and Alberto Quiros, our farm manager have done a great job of sourcing test plants for the Naturewalk bio garden, and are now getting them in the ground. Planted since the last time we visited Naturewalk are coffee plants, macauba palms for our bio-fuel lots and more Jatropha from seeds this time. Alberto, who was born on the property, remembers having wonderful coffee grown at Naturewalk so we will see how it performs.

Jatropha, a plant native to Central America, also grows wild on the Naturewalk 2 property and we expect great results from our test planting for Jatropha. For those not familiar with Jatropha it is a plant that starts producing Bio-Fuel after just 1 year and the product, if used immediately, can be put directly into your diesel car!

Our research suggests that it also does well when intercropped with Jatropha and will also provide a beautiful environment within the farm. We are all excited to start turning Naturewalk 2 into the agricultural garden paradise it is planned to be.

Tim Alexander


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