Friday, August 27, 2010

Costa Rica tops the polls for Single Travellers

The magazine Travel and Leisure in a recent survey places Costa Rica at number 1 as the best country in the world for the solo traveller.

Travel and Leisure Magazine assessed a number of factors to prepare its listing of the 15 best destinations for solo travellers - safety, happiness of the people and many more.

Using a combination of the Global Peace Index (Costa Rica ranks 26th of 149 countries surveyed) which ranks countries for their peacefullness and the Happy Planet Index (Costa Rica ranks number 1 of 143 countries suveyed) which compares the happiness of a nation's population to its ecological footprint, the magazine prepared a listing of the 15 best destinations worldwide for solo travellers.

And number one on that list was Costa Rica.

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To see the full article in Travel and Leisure Magzine click here

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