Monday, December 29, 2008

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

We are delighted that so many investors have recognised the tremendous investment opportunity that is Di Pacifico Dos and all of our 1,000 square metre plots are now sold out.

However,don't worry, we do have other larger plots from 2,000 square metres and upwards remaining.

In particular we have a very attractive group of sea view plots which have just come back on the market.

One of our clients had contracted to purchase a group of 14 sea view plots.

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstance he cannot now complete within the contract. It is our policy to always work with our clients and try to facilitate our clients wherever possible. But in this case, in defference to the demand from our other clients, and after long discussion and in agreement with our original client we have cancelled the contract and can now reoffer these attractive sea view plots.

These plots start at 2,500 square meters and are all priced at our standard price of €7.68 per square metre for teak, land and sea views. They occupy one of the highest areas in the estate and some back onto preserved forest.

Whilst we are very dissapointed for our client, every cloud has a silver lining and if you like to know more about these plots just drop us an e mail or give us a call on +353 1 272 4184

NEWSFLASH :In fact despite these plots just coming back on the market 2 weeks ago and over the Christmas period 3 plots have already sold.

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