Wednesday, December 3, 2008

15 Good Reasons To Invest In Costa Rica Now

Costa Rica Real Estate Investments
15 Good Reasons to Invest in Paradise Now!

  1. Foreigners are encouraged to invest and own real estate in Costa Rica.
  2. Private property in Costa Rica is inviolable and guaranteed by the constitution even for foreigner nonresidents in the country.
  3. Costa Rica is a booming tourist destination (more than 400 weekly flights; a Mecca of sport fishing and surfing; championship golf courses; fine-dining; eco-tourism and world class surfing).
  4. Costa Rica is a true eco-paradise (26 National Parks, 13 live volcanoes, endless mileage of coastline, primary forests, and much more).
  5. Costa Rica has a very good medical infrastructure (public and private hospitals and clinics) excellent doctors and surgeons (all trained in the US and /or Europe) and medical insurance is available for foreigners (individuals, families, retirees) at very low cost when compared to the U.S.
  6. Located just a few hours away from your doorstep with daily flights serving all major U.S. and Canadian cities.
  7. Real Estate in Costa Rica is very affordable compared to the U.S. and international second home markets.
  8. Costa Rica is located out of the hurricane belt, therefore no hurricanes, storms or other natural hazards in the country.
  9. Costa Rica is a tax-friendly destination when it comes to real estate investments (extremely low property taxes and no tax on capital gains or inheritance).
  10. Very affordable and manageable lifestyle. Services and labor cost (maids, gardeners, nurses, assistants,...) is very low when compared to the U.S. or European standards.
  11. High-quality construction standards (anti-seismic buildings, high-end finishes, exotic local and foreign materials).
  12. Safe and controlled legal environment (National land register, title insurance and escrow services available throughout the country).
  13. Local financing available for foreigners investing in Costa Rica.
  14. According to recent studies and surveys, Costa Rica has been ranked as the most stable and reputable country in all of Central America.
  15. Costa Ricans are very friendly and educated people, always ready to help or to share their culture with local visitors and residents.

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  1. Yes, Costa Rica is one of the favorite tourist destination place to all. Since the weather conditions, road facilities, International Airports and many more are good at Costa Rica, thus people are willing to invest on Costa Rica real estate. The points mentioned in the posts are really good.