Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finca Rosa Blanca earns perfect score in sustainable tourism certification

The Costa Rican Tourist Board and National Accreditation Commission run a sustainable tourism certification program which measures tourism developments sustainability in four particular areas.

It ranks performance in each of these areas on a five stage marking system with a maximum score of 5 green leaves in each area. Your overall sustainable tourisn score is the lowest score you have received in any of these areas.

Finca Rosa Blanca has achieved five green leaves status with an unprecedented 100% score in each area.

Located close to Santa Bárbara de Heredia and now in operation for over 20 years, Finca Rosa Blanca received an upgrade and facelift last year.

Chrisopher P. Baker in his Moon Handbook: Costa Rica mentions“Finca Rosa Blanca is one of Costa Rica’s—nay, the world’s!—preeminent boutique hotels, opened in 1989.Inspired by Gaudí’s architectonics and the Santa Fe style, the hotel is conceived as if from a fairy tale. Qué linda!".

To read a full report you can read the Tico Times article here

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