Thursday, April 14, 2016

View Lot in Samarcanda, Gated Community on the Caribbean Coast

Samarcanda Gated Community - Beautiful View Lot

View Lot - $110,000

  • One of the most beautiful view lots in Samarcanda

  • 2,511.93 square meters (27,017 square feet) of development ready beauty for just $110,000

About Samarcanda

  • Located in a 250 acres property in the South Caribbean, overlooking the ocean, 85% of the land is protected as a Private Biological Reserve. Common areas include a Private Biological Reserve, natural pool, paths in the forest

  • 3 km graveled roads, entrance office, 24/7security.

  • Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary is part of the Gated Community.

  • All lots are surrounded by common areas and have lots of privacy.

  • 11 magnificent homes have been built.

  • Located 10km South of the Beaufitul Cahuita National Park on the Carribean Coast of Costa Rica

  • Samarcanda is an intentional community with the goal of establishing minimal ecological impact as an alternative to traditional forms of communities.

  • Visit and experience sustainable living in this spectacular Caribbean Location

PRICE US$110,000



  1. Is this a vegan community? If so, we'd be sooo interested. Thanks.

  2. The community is not vegan, but the Samasati Hotel / Retreat located on site is a mainly vegetarian