Monday, October 21, 2013

Hiking and Trekking Opportunities from Naturewalk

Located as it is between the high Talamanca Ridge, the central ridge of Costa Rica and the Pacific Coast. Naturewalk 3 offers a wide range of routes of various lengths and levels to suit everyone wishing to explore and find out more about the diversity of flora and fauna and the landforms of this beautiful Country.
From half- day bird watching tours, through to day hikes, overnighters in hammocks, and multi-day expeditions you can find it all.

Birdwatching: The site itself is home to a wide range of birdlife making bird watching here a delight. The location on the Tulin River and proximity of Carara National Park provide an ideal base where you can be accompanied by knowledgeable guides who can help you in looking for the best spots for great bird watching. We have hides sited in and around the area, and also carry equipment to set up hides in some remote spots for best viewing opportunities.
Overnighters: Experience the rainforest by night, hike before a campfire supper. Sleep out in the forest under cover of one of our jungle hammocks – accompanied by an experienced guide. Go deeper into the forest, looking for tracks and wildlife sightings. In the mornings you will have fantastic opportunities for dawn sightings before breakfast and hiking back with opportunity for more viewing on the return journey to the centre.
Day hikes: Hikes from the centre or from locations nearby can be arranged. Locations include the Carara National Park, Cangreja National Park, Cerro Pital, or Cerro Dragon. All of which can provide the most spectacular views above the forest down to the Pacific, as well as plenty of opportunity for spotting wildlife. As well as being mountain leading qualified and rainforest experienced Tim the Walking Leader is a qualified Biologist and enthusiastic about the range of environments and habitats the region has to offer
Multi-day trips: If you like the sound of carrying out 2 day trips from the centre, the Carara Park area or Cerro Pital . Depending on the route, accommodation can be in huts, homestay or camping with food provided.
Further afield, 3 or 4 day expeditions are possible all within easy reach of Naturewalk. These include Ruta Sukia a classic 3 day hike, Ruta el Rey from Cerro de la Muerte on the main Talamanca Ridge down to sea level over 4 days, plus a range of possibilities in the Rio Blanco, Chirrpo areas, where multi-day trips including camping up on the main ridge can be arranged. Multi-day trips give opportunity to trek through a whole range of bio-zones from high paramo or montane, down through, primary cloud forest and rainforest and eventually down to coastal secondary and mangrove forests.
Some trips will require camping or staying in basic huts, whilst others have accommodation provided in local Tico houses, where you can really enjoy local hospitality.
We use a combination of local guides who can provide insightful knowledge of their areas and English speaking qualified international mountain guides to ensure that your experience is a safe as well as an intensely enjoyable one.
Prices are dependent on number, we try to keep group numbers small for your enjoyment. Larger groups can be accommodated by arrangement.

From $30 half a day (3 hours) , $70 full day (lunch provided) , $90 overnighters, $140 for 2day hikes, multi-day from $75 per day, dependent upon level of accommodation up to $110 per day for homestays. Prices based on a minimum group number of 3, please enquire for individual or couple rates.
Trek in style: for those requiring a more relaxing evening after a day’s hike, routes can be organised using local hotels in the most beautiful and out of the way locations. Please contact us for a suggestion.

Please note that some of the treks such as Sukia and Ruta el Rey are demanding and a certain level of fitness and familiarity with steep and rugged terrain is required. Please advise us of your ability level and experience in order that we can provide you with a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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