Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year in Costa Rica

We hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve full of fun and merriment!

New Years Eve is just as big in Costa Rica as anywhere else, with parties on the beach, family gatherings, music and  food.

But if you want an epic party the place to be is Las Fiestas de Zapote, just south east of San Jose. It is a party of all things Costa Rican, from rodeos and cowboys to loud music and alcohol. 

Las Fiestas de Zapote marks the end of the year and is basically a four-day-long New Year's Eve celebration. 

If you are spending New Year in Costa Rica don't expect a huge roast dinner. Due to the heat the traditional New Year's eve meal of choice is tamales filled with spiced pork. You can see them being made around town and people putting up signs on their house that they have the best tamales for sale.

The Ticos also love their fireworks and fire crackers, you can hear them day and night for the whole month of December! It takes a while of getting used to but certainly puts you in the spirit.

Like all Latin American countries there is a healthy dose of superstition and tradition rolled into the festivities.
Here are some examples of of Tico New Year superstitions:
1.     Want to get a fresh start and remove evil from the past, spend the day of the 31st sweeping them out of your house.
2.     To ensure all bad events are behind you, put water in a pan and throw it over your shoulder.
3.     Wearing yellow on New Year’s eve is said to bring good luck.
4.     To add a little spice, wear red underwear this will ensure your love life takes off over the next 12 months.
5.    If you want more travel in your life over the next year, take your luggage and walk around your house 2 times.
6.     Eating 12 grapes at midnight will grant you 12 wishes and good luck.

 Enjoy... and if you made a New Year's resolution try and stick to it for at least a week!

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