Saturday, October 27, 2012

12.75% pa Interest Eco-Development Loans

NatureWalk has just launched an excellent opportunity, Eco Development Loans.

The highlights are as follows:

  1. Term 12 months or 18 months
  2. Interest return of 12% per annum on loans of up to US$100,000 and 12.75% per annum on loans of over $100,000
  3. Interest is prepaid for the full term. That's right PREPAID to the investor
  4. Capital repayment is in 12 or 18 months
  5. Loans are underwritten by development land at a 38% loan to value ratio.
  6. Development land is held in trust for the investor by Latin American Title company until interest and capital have been paid.
  7. Minimum investment US$30,000.
  8. Funds paid to and managed by Latin American Title Company  

Or read more and get more information at

If this program sounds like it may be of interest, act now and take advantage. Just drop us an e mail or give us a call and I will get a prospectus to you.

This offer is strictly time limited and will close 21 days from today or sooner if sold out early.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. E mail or give us a call on USA +1-866-990-1123 (toll free) or Europe +353-1-272-4184.

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