Thursday, July 19, 2012

NatureWalk announces Costa Rica Residency and Eco Mortgage CD Investment Program

Naturewalk developments are delighted to announce the launch of their Costa Rica Residency and Eco Mortgage CD Investment Program. This offers investors a fixed rate of return (12%-12.75%) over a fixed term (12 months or 18 months).
Jaco Beach, Central Pacific, Costa Rica
For Immediate Release PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 17, 2012 -
NatureWalk developments is delighted to announce the launch of their Costa Rican Residency and Eco Mortgage CD Investment Program.

This offers investors an opportunity to invest in the NatureWalk brand, one of the most successful development brands in Central America. For those investors interested in residency in Costa Rica, this program can be used to obtain investor residency status.

Investments in the program are placed in a Certificate of Deposit investments in the largest federally chartered bank in Costa Rica and achieve a fixed rate of return of 12% (for investments of US$42,750 to US$100,000) or 12.75% (for investments of in excess of $100,000).

The investors CD is in their name and is underwritten by real estate in NatureWalk at a loan to value ratio of 63%.

Investors funds never leave the CD but are used to underwrite construction loans in the NatureWalk brand.

The trustees of the program are LatinAmerica Title Company, exclusive representative for Chicago Title, one of the largest title insurance companies in the world.

Tim Alexander, President of PRG Group, the developers of the NatureWalk brand said “we are excited to launch this opportunity to allow smaller investors to partake in the success of the NatureWalk brand of developments. This investment opportunity is ideal for pure investors, or for investors who have a medium term plan to have a home in Costa Rica but who are not quite ready to invest in a home at this time”.

Tim Alexander added “already we have had huge interest in the program from many US citizens who are unhappy with the economic and political climate in the USA. This program allows investors to invest in a secure program with an excellent rate of return and at the same time use the investment to obtain residency in Costa RIca”.

James Cahill, of Costa Rica Invest added “this opportunity has the further advantage that investors can convert their investment into a property purchase in NatureWalk at any time and can also convert their investment into the specific property underwriting their investment at a fixed agreed price”.

NatureWalk is a masterplanned series of developments throughout Costa Rica. Currently NatureWalk has 5 projects in developement. NatureWalk 1, 2 and 3 are located in Turrubares, NatureWalk 4 is located in Dominical whilst NatureWalk Paradise is located in Quepos.

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