Friday, November 11, 2011

Paving of the Roads to NatureWalk commences

Pavement of a section of the road through the town of Montielimar has now started. This is full concrete paving which means that the village will ultimately have one of the best roads in Costa Rica.

This is a very important step in the evolution of Naturewalk as it represents the paving of the first section of the road to Naturewalk.

Our town of Pavona (Naturewalk 2 surrounds Pavona) is slated for the same paving in March or April of 2012 giving Naturewalk its first paved concrete access roads. The paving should extend to the site of the Naturewalk horticultural and botanical gardens.

PRG will be investigating the extension of the road all the way up to Estancia Montana.

PRG met with the local president of the Pavona association on the 3rd of November 2011 and he informed them that a regional group of towns including Montielimar and Pavona meet monthly to discuss items of common interest. At the meeting on the 2nd of November 2011 the subject of SAFETY RAILS came up and the group has decided determined to lobby CONAVI (Consejo Nacional de Vialidad – the National Roads Authority) to install them citing their own safety concerns. So this appears to also be headed in the right direction and PRG will be lending their support to these initiatives.

In the pictures you will notice construction of a number of under road drainage and collection box systems. The pictures are of La Delicious north of Naturewalk and this improvement is moving south towards Naturewalk. Four of these large culverts have recently gone into Naturewalk and the collection box construction is next. These dramatically improve the drainage and thus the overall condition of the roads to deal with the rainy season water. Paving of any roads will not commence until these works are dealt with.

CONAVI have also committed to a new general road base through the general area 21 centimeters of gravel over the whole road. This will then provide an excellent base for our further paving works which PRG are planning.


Tim Alexander
PRG Canada

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