Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Costa Rica ranks amongst the top 10 ethical travel destinations in the world

Costa Rica ranks in the top 10 ethical destinations in the world.

Every year Ethical Traveler conducts a study of developing nations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, to identify the best tourism destinations among them. They begin their research by focusing on three general categories: Environmental Protection, Social Welfare, and Human Rights. For each of these categories, they look at information past and present so that they understand not only the current state of a country, but how it has changed over time. This helps them select countries that are actively improving the state of their people, government, and environment.

In the first phase of the process, they consider country scores from a variety of databases related to one of the three categories, using information from sources like Freedom House, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the World Bank. After identifying the top performers, they turn to detailed case research, focusing on actions governments have taken over the year to improve (or in some cases, weaken) practices and circumstances in the countries.

To read the full story on the ethical traveler site, click here

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