Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Webinar - The SIP formula Explained

Thursday May 27th 1:00pm EDT (5:00pm GMT)(6:00pm BST)

In this informative webcast, host, James Cahill of Costa Rica Invest outlines the investment dynamics of the NATUREWALK offering of LAND + TEAK FORESTRY + DEVELOPMENT USE.

Find out why this investment model performs BETTER that most and why it is SAFER that most. With the recent trends in the market indicating a turnaround is in process in the real estate, tourism and forestry sectors of Costa Rica, how will this trend effect the Land, the Forestry and Development components at NATUREWALK.

For those who are not familiar with Costa Rica, a quick presentation on the Country is offered as well as information on the NATUREWALK PROJECT and it's socio-economic objectives. Joining for this session is Tim Alexander of PRG Canada, the Developers of the NATUREWALK brand of ecological developments who will highlight the growing importance and influence on real estate development of trends concerning the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance.

This interactive webcast presentation will last approximately 20 minutes followed by a Q&A session for you to ask specific questions.

As a small thank you for attending we would love to send you a gravity defying teak wine bottle holder. This is hand carved from teak from Nature Walk. So don't forget to give your full address details and we'll ship direct to your door after the webinar. We have a limited number so the first 25 registrant attendees only!!

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