Thursday, April 1, 2010

Costa Rica's Blue Flag Beaches

The Blue Flag Ecological Program was created in response to the imminent dangers of beach pollution, its repercussions on public health and the tourism industry.

The program is now in its twelfth year of operation.

A one star blue flag is granted to those beaches reaching at minimum 90% of the set out standards.

Two star blue flags are granted to those beaches reaching 100% of the standards required.

Three star blue flags are granted to those beaches reaching or exceeding the standards required and also providing security and beach rescue during high season and providing a complete integrated conservation plan for the area.

Four star blue flags are given to those beaches reaching all the criteria of a three star beach plus disabled facilities, recycling of all waste, permanent security and rescue teams, local emergency team and members of the "sanitary seal program"

You can see see a full map of Costa Rica's blue flag beaches here

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