Thursday, October 8, 2009

Offshore Companies in Costa Rica

Offshore companies in Costa Rica are useful for many reasons. One of the main benefits is that tax free interest many be earned by cash assets held offshore. Individuals and corporations use offshore companies to protect and hold assets like stocks, bonds, cash etc.Offshore companies in Costa Rica provide privacy, potential for tax free income on investment and rarely have fees encountered with traditional finance institutions.

Taken in whole, all these benefits add up to more available cash for investment. Offshore venture capitalists register trademarks in Costa Rica. This gives them the legal right to make franchise or license agreements utilizing the rights world wide. Income earned from these arrangements accumulates in offshore companies where the tax structure allows for low, if any taxation. Any patent, copyright (intellectual property including computer software and technical knowledge) or trademark can be assigned to or owned by an offshore corporation. Another creative use for offshore companies in Costa Rica is the trading of goods. By buying at low cost from one country, an offshore company in Costa Rica can resell the goods at a higher price. The tax free profits are deposited into offshore companies in Costa Rica.

Real estate holdings offshore companies are useful to avoid local inheritance taxes and to eliminate capital gains tax. Real estate holdings offshore companies in Costa Rica neutralize succession laws in force in countries where law dictates heirship.

Obviously, offshore companies in Costa Rica are a very complex, intricate subject. Most of us are not sophisticated enough to venture into this arena without benefit of a tax lawyer in Costa Rica to help us effectively and legally make use of Costa Rican offshore companies.

It is interesting to note that many of the websites found when searching for tax lawyers in Costa Rica, are actually based in the US. The US tax structure has resulted in large amounts of Americans utilizing the tax structure of Costa Rica and taking advantage of the benefits of incorporation and offshore incorporation in Costa Rica. Face it, it is much more profitable to deal in offshore investments in Costa Rica than to have capital gain and inheritance tax on top of income tax as in the US.

One purpose of the tax lawyer in Costa Rica is to help set up offshore trusts, corporations and individual accounts. Other responsibilities of the tax lawyer in Costa Rica are to set up and help implement strategies both short and long term and to pursue every legal avenue available to exploit tax savings.

You cannot effectively operate with offshore companies in Costa Rica with out a tax lawyer in Costa Rica to guide you every step of the way. Without benefit of a tax lawyer in Costs Rica, chances of avoiding tax trouble are slim.

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