Thursday, June 25, 2009

Press Release Listing

Below are a listing of recent Press Releases from Costa Rica Invest. To see the press release just click on the link:

Arenal Volcano and National Park

Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the treasures of any visit to Costa Rica and a must visit destination

Buried Treasure on Cocos Island Costa Rica.

Cocos Island Costa Rica, boasts an incredible diversity of plant and animal life, the best diving in the world and buried pirate treasure!

IMF predicts Costa Rica and Latin America will be first to recover from the global economic crises

Positive predictions from IMF representatives about Costa Rica are great news for investors in Costa Rica.

30 Rare Endangered Scarlet Macaws Released on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Los Delfines Golf and Country Club set an ambitions target in 1996 - to develop a successful breeding program for the endangered scarlet macaw, and repopulate the Nicoya Peninsula with these beautiful colourful birds.

What sets Costa Rica Apart?

A truly integrated holistic approach to the environment and the country’s economic development is what sets Costa Rica, the principal emerging economy in Central America, apart from every other country worldwide.

Timber the Best Performing Asset of the last 100 years!

Timber has outperformed inflation by 3.3% since 1910 and offers a secure high yield investment despite the global downturn, reduction in construction and reduced consumer demand for timber products.

7th Most Politically Stable Country World Wide Located in Central America

A recent report by The Economist Intelligence Unit lists Costa Rica as the 7th most politically stable country worldwide. Further it is the 7th least likely to encounter social unrest as a result of current global economic conditions.

Price Increase In Finca Di Pacifico Dos Early Investors See the Value of Investments Rise by 142%

Prices in Finca Di Pacifico Dos our premier project have increased further with immediate effect. Early investors have now seen the value of their investment rise by 142% over the past 24 months.

Investors and Businesses in Costa Rica to Benefit from New Tax

Costa Rica has introduced new taxation to benefit business and encourage continuing investment into Costa Rica.

Costa Rica and France Work Together in the Battle Against Climate Change

Costa Rica and France have agreed to cooperate closely in the battle against climate change.

Prospects for Costa Rica Remain Attractive for Investors

Costa Rica has been affected by the global economic downturn, but it has not been as badly affected as many other countries and the prospects remain attractive.

Great News for the Environment, Costa Rica Continues on its Eco Friendly Path

Costa Rica aspires to be the world’s first carbon neutral nation by 2021 and it is right on track.

Is Costa Rica Paradise on Earth? “La Pura Vida” is Good for You and Helps You Live Longer.

Costa Rica has the longest life expectancy in the Western Hemisphere and building your dream home in Costa Rica may actually be good for your health and help you live longer.

Costa Rica chosen as the headquarters of the US Food and Drug Administration in Latin America.

The USA has chosen Costa Rica to locate the headquarters for the Food and Drug Administration in Latin America, because of its strategic location and also because of the excellent relations that already exist between the two countries.

Purchasers in Di Pacifico Dos, Costa Rica, to see the value of their investment rise by 112%

Di Pacifico Dos is a unique opportunity to invest in land and teak in Costa Rica. The land registration process is on track and today price increases for the remaining land are announced.

Good News - Green Investments are the only way forward?

The UN recommends, Deutsche Bank agrees and HSBC’s figures show that green investments will help avoid a severe recession. So you can make a green investment, make a great return and help the global economy.

Recession, What Recession?

3000 new jobs were created in Costa Rica in 2008, with 30 new companies established and US$428.6 million invested. 2009 will present its challenges but the early signs for economic growth in Costa Rica during the forthcoming year are encouraging.

Costa Rica Invest Launches New Website

Costa Rica Invest launched their new website today. The reformatted and redesigned website is designed to be a major information source on teak, development land and Costa Rica.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Costa Rica Invest’s latest project has sold all of its smaller plots but there are still opportunities available. In particular the re-release to the market of a group of sea view plots represents a “not to be missed” investment opportunity.

Costa Rica is the Second Most Globalized Country in Central and Southern America.

The Latin Globalization index ranks Costa Rica as the second most globalized nation in Central and Southern America. Foreign inward investment will increase due to their increasing trade and tourism combined with a highly educated workforce

More Great News About Trees

We know trees are good for the environment, removing carbon from the atmosphere and reducing global warming. A recent discovery shows that a chemical released by trees helps to cool the planet further by thickening cloud cover over forests.

Costa Rica’s Carbon Neutrality Will Affect Land Prices

Costa Rica aims to be carbon neutral as a nation by 2021. A series incentives have been introduced to achieve this goal. As more land is reforested and preserved, development land will become scarcer and will increase in price

7 More Reasons to Invest In Costa Rica

Costa Rica, has been described by CNBC as “the hottest real estate market on the face of the planet” and Costa Rica Invest lists 15 reasons for investors to consider investing in Costa Rica.

8 Good Reasons to Invest In Costa Rica

Costa Rica, has been described by CNBC as “the hottest real estate market on the face of the planet” and Costa Rica Invest lists 15 reasons for investors to consider investing in Costa Rica.

Early Investors Receive An Unexpected "windfall"

Early investors in a unique teak and development land project received an unexpected “windfall”. The first the thinning of the teak on Finca Di Pacifico Dos has generated a greater than expected return of $86,684

Costa Rica Invest announces that the land registration process is on track to commence in March 2009

Costa Rica Invest announces that the process of preparing for Cadastral registration of the land plots in Finca Di Pacifico Dos is on time to commence registration of the individual land plots in March 2009.

73.6% of Finca Di Pacifico Dos, a unique investment in teak and development land, is now sold

Costa Rica Invest announces that 73.6% of Finca Di Pacifico Dos is now sold. This is an absolutely unique opportunity to invest in development land in Costa Rica with the added advantage and security of teak.

Second Funding Round for Di Pacifico Dos Ltd.

After a fully subscribed first round, Costa Rica Invest announces a second round of fundraising for Di Pacifico Dos Ltd. which is structured for self administered pension fund investments in Ireland.

Costa Rica Invest announces alliance partnership with Peter Quealy, IFG Mortgages Dungarvan, Ireland

Costa Rica Invest today announced a successful launch of their alliance partnership with Peter Quealy of IFG Mortgages Dungarvan. Together they held a successful presentation to Peter’s clients on Thursday the 6th of November.

The Trees are Growing – The Time is Now: 14 year old teak plots sold out already

Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. Smart investors saw the opportunity. They invested in Di Pacifico Dos in Costa Rica at an early stage and have bought all the plots with the oldest teak trees. They are now watching their investment grow. The race is on!

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