Sunday, May 31, 2009

Around the world in 80 Trades

This BBC program tracks the progress of London Financial Trader Conor Woodman as he tracks around the world making 80 trades. Buying goods and (hopefully) selling them for a profit!

Having lost money on trades ranging from horses to vintage tea to camels, Conor hits a winnig streak towards the end of his journey making money trading tequila and surfboards.

Finally ending up in Brazil, Conor risks all by spending his remaining money on a shipment of sustainably grown teak with a plan to sell it in England.

Is the the teak a worthwhile investment, can Conor recoup his previous losses watch and see:

In this part Conor seeks out a sustainable teak supplier in Brazil and purchases a container of teak:

The teak is back in England, but how much is it really worth, can Conor make money on this his largest trade?

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