Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Costa Rica & France get together to fight Climate Change

Brice Lalone has been appointed by the French Government to lead France's policies in the battle against climate change.

Brice and France's Environment, Energy & Telecommunications Minister Roberto Dobles travelled to Costa Rica last week for discussions with the Costa Rican Government on further cooperation in combating climate change.

Costa Rica and France have agreed to work together on international climate change projects.

Additionally they have discussed a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol, under which Nations agreed to a series of measures to reduce the world's green house gases, as this treaty expires in 2012.

In addition to meeting with the Government Lalone also met with business like Dole Fresh Fruits and Tabacon, that have acted to lessen their environmental impacts.

Dole has introduced a series of initiatives including training, low energy refrigerated containers, and reduction of fertiser use.

Tabacón, a resort and spa based around hot springs at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, in northwestern Costa Rica, has compiled an inventory of all the greenhouse gasses emitted from its operations, including the transportation of tourists and company trips and the company is now working to reduce its emissions and compensating the rest through reforestation and conservation of existing forests.

Read the full story in by Leland Baxter-Neal in the Tico Times here.

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