Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Insiders view

We have asked some of our sales consultants to contribute to our blog and below is John Douglas's first contribution - if you would like to contact John you can e mail him on or alternately give him a call on + 353 1 272 4184

Ethically Responsible Investments

Fed up with the traditional boring investments in failing economies, have you ever considered investing in a valuable commodity that’s actually growing on your land.

This concept new to the Irish market is already very popular in other parts of Europe & the United States; we deal in Land (Freehold) with 10-12yr old Teak trees already growing on it.

The cost of the investment is €6.45 per sqm our plots range in size from 1000sqm to 10,000sqm at these prices the plots are being snapped up quite quickly, and 70% of this current project has already been sold.·

  • There is no capital gains tax to pay on land in Costa Rica.
  • Land in Costa Rica is currently increasing in price by more than 20% pa.
  • Teak typically grows and creates 12m³-20m³ usable teak per hectare per annum and therefore yields 240m³-400m³ usable teak per ha at 20 years.
  • Teak currently sells @ $650 per cubic meter and has increased by 8,5% per annum over the last 10 years.
  • Costa Rica is stable economically and politically, the economy has been growing at 7% pa.
  • This investment conservatively estimates a 33% pa return over the 8-10 yr investment cycle.
  • You own the land you buy as it’s freehold
  • Your land and trees are managed in Costa Rica at very little cost to you.
  • You don’t have to travel, as the Notary comes to Ireland to register your plot in your name.
  • The investment is in Euro`s, however the return on the Teak is in US$ as this commodity is traded in Dollars and the exit strategy for the Land has exposure to Dollars as one of the target markets is the USA.

Just sit back and watch your money “Grow”.Timber is a solid commodity with steady demand that does well during stock market declines because it is not correlated to the market. Its returns reliably outperform the market, and its value increases over time, even without investor input. The land acts like principal, and the timber acts like a perpetual dividend. In the past 20 years, the timber index has produced average annual returns of more than 15 percent. Timber brings a stabilizing influence to a portfolio and indeed log prices have historically increased around 2 percent in real terms over and above inflation so this means that timber investments can protect investors' capital as well as provide significant returns on investment.

These teak trees are grown on managed plantations “helping to sustain the Worlds rain forests” Ethically Responsible, Environmentally Friendly investmentCosta Rica Invest, Block B. Office, Seaview Court, Strand Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.T: +353 1 272 4184 F: +353 1 272 3013 E: W:

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