Monday, August 25, 2008

If I invest in Di Pacifoc Dos, what are my exit strategies

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is "What are my exit strategies from and investment in Di Pacifico Dos?".

The great news is that you have a number of clearly defined exit strategies.

Harvest the trees and sell the land
For the majority of our investors they plan to wait untill the trees are mature enough to harvest and once harvested they plan to sell the land. We are available to sell the land should the clients wish but of course the clients can also sell the land through a local estate agent. The land is registered in the clients own name or in the clients own company (an SA) which comes with many tax advantages. Once a purchaser has been located and a price agreed the transfer of land by notary should take about 6-8 weeks.

Harvest the trees and replant

A number of our investors plan to replant trees on their land after harvest. Whilst they can certainly replant teak again, Melina is another option. The advantage of Melina is that it is considerably quicker growing than teak. Although the price is lower the plant to harvest cycle is 10 years. With teak the plant to harvest cycle is 20 years.

Harvest the trees and build a holiday villa for personal use
Approximately 5-10% of our investors plan to build a holiday villa on their land. Given that Costa Rica has the "best climate on the planet" according to NASA, what a great place to have your holiday villa.

Where is the major market for my land if I harvest the trees and plan to sell the land?
Costa Rica has become an extremely attractive holiday destination for Amercians and Canadians. It is just a few hours flight, stable and safe with a fantastic climate and magnificent beaches. No wonder so many American Celebrities have already invested there - Oprah Winfrey, David Hasselhof, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson to name just a few. The 5th Annual Readers Choice Awards of Travel Weekly named Costa Rica the best destination in Central and South America. Right now land in Costa Rica is cheap and foregin land ownership is allowed and land title is clear. But the land won't be cheap for long! If you would like to invest in Costa Rica for just €6.45 per square metre and have the added advntage of teak growing on your land why not have a look at our website, this is our 10th development in Costa Rica and we like to refer to it as the jewel in the crown because it has it all:

  • Great location
  • Up and coming tourist area
  • Pre cadastral prices
  • Cadastral registration expected to be complete in 6-8 months
  • 12-14 year old teak trees growing on your land

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